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September Member of the Month Interview: Andy DeVault

1. What do you do outside of the gym? Career, hobbies, etc.! I’m an orthopedic device sales rep for Johnson & Johnson primarily involved with joint replacements and orthopedic trauma surgeries but when I’m not in the OR, I’m either racing/riding my mountain bike or having some adventures with my little man, Gates. 2. How long have you been training with us? I’m a lifer! Been getting my butt kicked in here since the doors opened. 3. What's been your biggest accomplishment since you began training with us? I got into CrossFit to help with my fitness and strength when racing my bike. The focus, level of intensity, and effort during the WODs closely mimics the type of racing I do. I’ve seen huge gains both in the gym and with my race results. My ability to continue to be able to perform and compete at a high level despite a busy work/life schedule and often being twice as old (haha) as my competition is all thanks to River City Fitness. 4. What's your favorite thing about being a member here? Thats an easy one. Every month when I read the newsletter and the interview with the member of the month… when asked this question, everyone’s answer is the same… it’s the people! The vibe this gym has is so inviting. From the coaches to the most experienced to the newest, the people are what make this place great. So encouraging, no egos, and everyone working toward the same goal, becoming a better version of themselves. I have so much respect for every single person that comes in here and gives it their all. 5. What would you say to someone who is considering training with us? To those who may not be familiar with what we do, the word “CrossFit” may be very intimidating and can sometimes be associated with horror stories of “crazy workouts” and even false claims of people getting injured. Hhhhmmm????…What I would say to a person that is considering coming to train????? -is it hard? YES -are you going to be uncomfortable at times? YES -will it shed light on some areas that you could improve (i.e. flexibility, mobility, confidence, strength, endurance)? YES -is it safe? At this gym and with these coaches… Absolutely. Probably most importantly I would tell them regardless of their fitness level or age, it's how the incredible sense of accomplishment they would feel each day after the WOD would carry over into every aspect of their lives. Their jobs and their personal lives. They would feel more confident, they would be more willing to face the challenges that life throws their way, and generally be a happier, better version of themselves… now who wouldn’t want that?

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